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About Corsa Management

Corsa Management was founded in 1978 and has grown over the years to where we are now responsible for the apartment homes of about 3,000 families in New Jersey, Lower Bucks County in Pennsylvania, and Rockland County in New York State.

When the company started, our specialty was to turn around apartment properties that had been neglected and poorly managed. We did whatever was necessary to improve them; this allowed us to rent to better tenants, who helped us take better care of our properties. This, in turn, has improved the communities where our properties are located.

In recent years we have been investing in better properties. These properties, too, are constantly being upgraded, as we continually look for ways to make them even better and run them more efficiently. This approach to our properties gives our co-workers and us a continuing sense of pride and satisfaction in the work we do as a team, and builds on our company's excellent reputation.

When you live in an apartment community, it's always good to know your home is being managed by people who know you, who know your property, and who have plenty of experience. Not only have we been in business for almost 40 years, but most of our communities have been under our wing for more than 30 years! And we know our residents very well. In fact, over one-half of our associates have been with us for at least 5 years, and one-third of our associates have been serving our residents for at least 10 years!

Our residents and our applicants are our customers. The success of our business depends on serving them better than our competition. Every Corsa Management associate is required to do his or her absolute best to give excellent service to each customer.

With software we have designed and implemented ourselves, our specialized use of computers, reports, and information in our site offices is unique and allows us to move quickly, providing informed responses to questions and concerns.



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