Rent Payment Options

Find What Works For You

There are now more ways than ever to make payments for rent or utility charges. Some payment options include additional transaction fees – please read the section below carefully so that you can choose the options that are best for you. If you’re looking to make an online payment click the button below.

Rental Office

All Corsa Management Rental Offices accept checks, money orders, and other forms of payment. Most offices have drop boxes or mail slots where payments can be left when the office is closed. Rental offices can provide you with your Corsa account number, and can provide you with an account statement whenever you need one, either in person, by fax or by e-mail.

Personal Checks

Personal checks are accepted for most “on-time” rent payments and utility payments. Personal checks are not accepted for late payments or if a court action is pending, or if one or more bad checks have been received recently.

Credit/Debit Cards

We accept American Express, VISA, Mastercard, and Discover credit or debit cards in any amount. Convenience fees for credit cards are roughly 3.5% ($3.50 for every $100), while debit card payments are just $7.47 each. All payments will be credited to your Corsa account as soon as they are paid, but debit card payments may not come out of your bank account until up to 3 business days later.


Cash is never accepted in our Rental Offices at any time, but you can pay with cash at different stores close to home, including any Walmart or K-Mart, by using our new CashPay service. Just ask for a CashPay authorization form from the Rental Office, and bring it to the store with your cash anytime you want to make a payment. A $4 fee applies to all cash transactions.

Payment by Phone

Payments can now be made to our live 24/7 phone center, powered by PayLease, by calling toll-free 866-729-5327, option 1. There is a $9.95 fee for bank account phone payments; for credit and debit card phone payments the fee is $9.95 plus 3.5% of the payment. You will need to know your Corsa account number when you call.

Recurring Payments

You can have the rent paid automatically each month, on any day between the 1st and the 5th, so you never have to worry about being late! You can sign up for AutoPay in the online portal, set it up with our phone center, or fill out an authorization form and we can set it up for you. You’ll receive credit for your payment on the day of the month you choose, but the money may not come out of your account until up to 3 business days later. Recurring eChecks are free; recurring credit and debit card payments are charged the convenience fees listed above.