Helpful Tools for our Applicants

Helpful Tools for our Applicants

What do I need to do to apply for an apartment?
Before you apply for an apartment, you must have:

  • A good credit record
  • No criminal record
  • No debts owed to previous apartment owners
  • Sufficient income to be able to afford the apartment (must be steady and reported)

To apply for an apartment, you need to do each of the following:

  • Completely fill out a Rental Application, answering all questions and filling in all blanks
  • Pay an application fee (non-refundable - amount varies by location)
  • Pay a deposit to hold an apartment when approved (non-refundable unless the application is turned down)
  • Bring in recent pay stubs and identification documents

Can I apply for an apartment online?:
Yes, you can! You can even Pre-Qualify For Free!! Simply click on the Apply Online button, select the apartment community you want to apply to, and answer a few questions to see if you are pre-qualified. If you are, you can complete the secure online application and pay the discounted application fee of $25 per person age 18 or older by credit or debit card. (There is no charge for dependents under 18). We will contact you soon after the application is submitted, to let you know what additional documents will be needed. Final approval of any application is only given after we receive all requested documents and payments.

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What does my credit have to look like to qualify?:
You (and your co-applicants, if applicable) must have good credit to qualify for an apartment. We insist that all reported credit be in good standing with your creditors, now and in the past. There should not be any civil judgments, bankruptcies, or collections of any kind, and all debts to previous landlords must be paid in full.

My credit may not qualify me for an apartment. Can I apply with a co-signor who will not live with me?:
Yes, having someone co-sign with you for the apartment often improves the chance that your application will be approved. However, the co-signor must have excellent credit, and must be able to afford the cost of the apartment and their current home at the same time. The co-signor must also realize that they will be just as financially responsible as you are for any damages, rents, fees, and other charges for the entire time you live there, unless we determine (in writing) that you can handle the apartment on your own.

Why can't 5 people live in a two-bedroom (or 3 people live in a one-bedroom)?:
We have found that up to two people can sleep in our bedrooms comfortably; any more than this can create an overcrowding situation and possible fire or health hazard. Most cities also have local ordinances that limit the number of people in an apartment, based on the square footage. We have also found that having more occupants in apartments often leads to more noise and disturbances of neighbors, additional use of water, and more problems with vehicle parking in our lots.

Am I allowed to have a pet in my apartment?:
Most of our apartment communities do not allow pets, but some do allow selected pet types. Ask our Rental Managers what the policy is at their apartment community. If your pet is allowed you will be required to pay a non-refundable deposit and an extra monthly fee, and you will be required to sign and comply with a Pet Responsibility agreement. Anyone who brings a pet in without approval is in violation of their lease and will be required to remove it.

What is renter's insurance and do you provide it?:
Many tenants believe they are covered by our insurance if something happens to their belongings, if someone is injured in their apartment, or if they cause damage or injury to someone else on the property. The truth is your belongings are not covered, and you could be sued if you are responsible for causing damage or injury.

We can provide Renter's Insurance in some of our apartment communities, and we are expanding our program to offer it in more locations, but you can purchase it from any insurance agent that offers it. You can get more information about this (and referrals to local agents if you wish) in our Rental Offices. You may be able to get this insurance at a discount from the company that has your car insurance. You can also find a lot of information and even some price quotes on the Internet such as at

What do I have to do before I can move in?:
Before we can give you your keys, all of the following must be done:

  • All monies must be paid in full (by certified check or money orders only) to the Rental Office.
  • Your electricity and other utilities must be turned on in your name. Please bring proof to the Rental Office when done.
  • Carefully read your lease agreement and ask any questions you may have regarding this important document. Sign it only when you understand all of your legal responsibilities.
  • Carefully read and sign all other required documents
  • Bring in proof that you have Renter's Insurance or sign the required insurance documents provided by the office.
  • Once you do move in, carefully check the condition of your apartment, and notify the Rental Office of any problems or defects immediately. This will protect you in case problems are found after you move out.